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Complete a survey for this offer. "Hippie Butter is dedicated to the procurement, testing and distribution of retail brand hemp food, hemp body care, hemp joint care, hemp fiber, hemp paper and hippie accessories."

Sign up for the newsletter for this offer. "For over 100 years, Dr. Hess Products have been providing relief for all skin needs. Originally developed for cow's udders in the early 1900's, farmers were soon remarking on the incredible healing effects it was having on their own skin. Soon it was a staple in every [...]

"The Brainchild of Aimee Gullotto, Sweax™ Underarm liners are designed in the shape of a bottom-heavy snowman – following the outline of the underarm, the thin and non-visible liner adheres to the inside, underarm area of a garment. The larger half of the liner sits on the body or bottom half of the underarm seams [...]

"Welcome to the Bio-K+ newsletter We are pleased to present For Life, Bio-K+ International Inc’s electronic newsletter, which will be sent out on a regular basis to all those wishing to keep abreast of the world of probiotics and Bio-K+ CL1285®. Subscribe to the For Life newsletter and receive: * A printable rebate coupon redeemable [...]

Keep moving with new TripleFlex Liquid Softgels -- a powerful supplement that works naturally with your body to support joint function. With the triple action strength of Glucosamine to support cartilage health, Chondroitin Complex for fast-acting joint comfort, and Hyaluronic Acid known for joint lubrication, your joints will feel a difference in as little as [...]

ZYRTEC® relieves your worst allergy symptoms—indoors and out—for 24 hours, so you can love the air. ZYRTEC® relieves symptoms of: • Sneezing • Runny nose • Itchy, watery eyes • Itchy throat or nose It's the same original prescription strength, without the prescription.

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