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Thank you for your interest in ID Lubricants. Your name, address, email, and answers to the questions in this survey are confidential to Westridge Laboratories. Information will not be sold, published, released, submitted, or given away. Free samples are only available to residents in the Contiguous United States, Alaska and Hawaii.

This foldout poster is a great way to learn more about the eyes and provides an opportunity to promote the importance of healthy vision to school-aged children. Offers interesting facts, tips and myth busters about eyes and vision, and even information about animals' eyes. (17" x 11") Download PDF version (298 KB) For international visitors [...]

The site also lists other free publications that you could order. AARP's Physical Activities Workbook shows older people how to add physical activity into their daily routine based on their different needs and lifestyles. It also teaches them how to start safely, set goals, develop a support network, find motivation and overcome barriers. The workbook [...]

Aojiru is a health drink originally made from squeezed green leafed vegetables. The vegetables mainly used for aojiru are kale, young barley grass, Komatsuna, and green tea leaves. The origin of aojiru is not certain but it is said that in 1943, a doctor started prescribing aojiru, a squeezed kale juice, as a nutritional supplement [...]

"-By filling out the questionnaire and clicking here, you certify that all your personal details are authentic and you are requesting a sample of this product. This does not obligate you to make a purchase, nor does it imply that you are required to pay any shipping charges. -It is a true FREE SAMPLE offer. [...]

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