Free Nestle Noir Milk Chocolate Tasting Kit – Canada Free Nestle Noir Milk Chocolate Tasting Kit - Canada

“Nestlé is proud to introduce their first foray into premium milk chocolate in Canada with Nestlé Noir Milk Chocolate and are looking for ultimate chocolate lovers, like you, to be the first to take a bite, savour and provide feedback.

Are you the right person to test this new decadent treat?

* You are a woman between the ages of 25 and 40
* When 3pm rolls around, you are known to make a mad dash for the elevator on a high priority chocolate mission.
* You enjoy providing feedback and receiving complimentary sweets at your front door.

If you’ve answered: Yes, YES, YESSSS! Then may we suggest you sign up for this delectable opportunity?
It’s easy, click on the SIGN ME UP button and you will be redirected to a quick survey. Those selected will receive a complimentary Nestlé Noir Milk Chocolate tasting kit.

Irresistable? We think so.

*All information will be used for the purposes of this activation only. Like you, we value our privacy.

Be the first to try Nestlé Noir Milk Chocolate in Canada!

Some melt-in-your-mouth facts for you. There are three new smooth and sumptuous flavours to choose from:

* Supérieur – A selection for the pure milk chocolate lover, this tablet delivers smooth texture and milky flavour with a touch of natural vanilla
* Nougat – This tablet combines creamy milk chocolate with sweet honey and roasted almonds offering a sinfully sweet chocolate eating experience
* Noisette – The balanced combination of roasted hazelnuts and milk chocolate delivers a sumptuous textured experience”

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