"Be one of the first 15 to show up at select Future Shop locations on July 12th to receive a double pass to the pre-screening of The Dark Knight. The next 10 in line will receive run-of-engagement double passes, valid at any theatre in Canada."

"Easy to Use and Simple: OzoneWatchTM 1 Hour Ozone Test How do you know if your air purifier is producing ozone, a known lung irritant? Test it with an OzoneWatch. OzoneWatch is a simple, effective, convenient and inexpensive test for ozone. Each OzoneWatch kit contains 2 One-Hour Tests in a vacuum-packed pouch."

"The first 100 Quick & Simple readers to register below will receive a free 3.75 oz package of flavored, sliced almonds from Sunkist® Almond Accents®. Toasted golden brown and seasoned to perfection, Almond Accents are a great way to add taste, crunch and nutrition, making ordinary dishes extraordinary." You could also request for a free [...]

"Now Gillette is hitting the showers! Performance for Your Shower Try one of the new 2-in-1 body washes or shampoos from Gillette. Dry Skin Hydrator and Body Wash Get a deep-cleaning body wash with three times the hydrators versus the leading male body wash and helps defend against dry skin. Gentle Clean Shampoo and Body [...]

"New NIVEA for MEN® Extreme Comfort Shaving Gel and Post Shave Balm are the essential ingredients of a smooth, clean shave. Within its innovative Natural Micro Tec formulation, skin-soothing natural chamomile and licorice extract are microencapsulated for more efficient delivery to the hair and skin. See why these products work for you in getting a [...]

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