pizza pizza

"Each April to mark Earth Month, Pizza Pizza holds its Slices for Devices campaign at traditional locations across Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. Now in its 13th year, the Pizza Pizza team has helped divert over 17,000 electronic devices from landfills to-date."

"The following small electronic devices will be accepted at Pizza Pizza stores: Mobile and smart phones Digital cameras iPods and MP3 players Handheld gaming consoles (ie. Nintendo 2DS/ 3DS, Sony PlayStation Vita) Limit 4 devices per customer."

"Throughout the month of April, customers visiting some 365 traditional restaurant locations in Ontario, Winnipeg and Regina will be able to trade their unwanted handheld devices in exchange for a free pepperoni slice. The list of acceptable devices now includes cameras, adapters, tablets and iPods as well as mobile and smart phones. All proceeds from [...]