Join us for Peet’s Day on Monday, 3/10, and receive a free coffee or tea from 12-4pm. Or celebrate early, and save 20% off your purchase on peets.com now through 3/9 using promo code: THANKS. Stock up on everything you need to brew the perfect cup of coffee or tea at home: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151962525126190&set=a.421566466189.201832.13856871189&type=1&theater

"The MaCoca effect of Slimple Diet Tea leaves your mouth with oral sensations of a cool numbing effect that zaps any hunger cravings you may have. Slimple Diet Tea™ with MaCoca™ is an energy-maintenance, appetite suppressant and weight control supplement all rolled into one tasty tea. The end result is a natural weight loss supplement [...]

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