Last Minute Frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas

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With less than few days before Saint Valentine’s Day, here are some last-minute, frugal tips for February 14th. Generally, many of these ideas emphasize spending time, rather than money, with your loved one. After all, time and experience share with your partner are precious.

Prepare a meal

Prepare something that you know your significant other will like. It can be as simple or as fancy as you wish. The internet is filled with recipes; you may want to find a recipes site that allows others to submit their comments, so that you could find out if the recipes that you have chosen are easy to make.

If you are too tired to cook, then you could order a special meal ahead of time and pick it up on your way home from work.

Make chocolate covered fruits

Find recipes to make chocolate covered fruits and share the sweetness that they will bring to you and your partner.

Visit a coffee shop

Have a drink and conversations in a local coffee shop to savour the quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

Find free concerts

Many civic centres, universities, colleges and institutions offer free Valentine’s Day concerts. Even some local, independent coffee shops may have special musical guests for the special day. Look for your local community calendar and see what is out there to do for free.

Select a movie that both of you will like

Find a film that you will both watch. Watch it at a local theatre, rent it from your local video store, stream it from Netflix or even borrow it from the library. Technology has given you so many choices to watch a movie. If you decide to watch it at home, then you could prepare some fancy snacks, such as gourmet popcorn to heighten the experience.

Showcase your true feelings with sticky notes

On sticky notes, write down what you feel for the other. Place the notes liberally throughout the house or hide them in surprising places. Then, watch the surprise of your loved one as each note is discovered.

Decorate with items from dollar store

Dollar stores are a great destination for Valentine’s Day decorations, candles, cards and other fun stuff. At the very least, you could buy some wrapping paper for your gift at the dollar store.

Picnic or walk in the park

There are some parts of the country that is possible to have an evening picnic in the park. If it is too cold or damp to picnic, a romantic walk in the park, by the lake or anywhere scenic are always memorable.

Volunteer together

Volunteer together at a local charitable organization or for a special event will make you feel good that you are giving back to the community and spending time with your spouse.

Lastly, as there is so much commercialization on Valentine’s Day, sometimes we forget that Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate, reinforce and reinvigorate the love we have for our significant others.

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