Walmart Free NIVEA for MEN Extreme Comfort Shaving Gel and Post Shave Balm – US

“New NIVEA for MEN® Extreme Comfort Shaving Gel and Post Shave Balm are the essential ingredients of a smooth, clean shave. Within its innovative Natural Micro Tec formulation, skin-soothing natural chamomile and licorice extract are microencapsulated for more efficient delivery to the hair and skin.

See why these products work for you in getting a clean look everyone will talk about:

Extreme Comfort
Post Shave Balm

Quickly penetrates the skin to soothe and calm irritation from shaving.

* Soothes on contact

* Helps to effectively protect against skin irritation

* Leaves your skin feeling extremely comfortable after shaving


Extreme Comfort
Shaving Gel

Quickly penetrates to soften beard hair and protect the skin.

* Works to prevent irritation and redness during the shaving process

* Provides an extra-close and comfortable shave”

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