How to Score a Sweet Deal on an iPad

Apple’s iPads are premium tablets that provide a sleek design, high performance, and an intuitive user experience. However, that Apple tax can make even the entry-level models seem pricey. If you’re looking to get your hands on an iPad without breaking the bank, here are some savvy tips to save big.

Wait for Deals Around Major Product Launches

Apple unveils new iPad models like clockwork every year, typically in the fall. As they prepare to release updated versions, retailers look to clear out inventory of the previous generation models at a discount. Time your purchase right around a new iPad launch, and you can snag last year’s model for $100 or more off the regular price.

Buy Refurbished from Apple

Did you know Apple has an online refurbished store with significant discounts on iPads and other devices? These are not used products, but ones that were returned with just minor cosmetic blemishes that have been thoroughly inspected and certified. You can save 15-25% off the price of a brand new iPad by going the refurbished route through Apple.

Trade in Your Old iPad

If you’re upgrading from an older iPad, you can offset some of the cost by trading it in to Apple or other retailers like Best Buy or Amazon. Depending on the age and condition, you could get a credit of $100-300 or more towards your new iPad purchase.

Look for Open Box and Clearance Deals

Retailers like Walmart and Target sometimes have open box or clearance iPads at rock-bottom prices. These are brand new but may have been returns with damaged packaging. As long as you can inspect the actual tablet before buying, this can be a great way to score an iPad at 20-30% off retail pricing.

Consider an Older Model or the iPad Mini

If you don’t need the latest and greatest, you can find even steeper discounts on previous generation full-size iPads or the smaller iPad Mini. These older models may lack the newest processor or camera, but still provide a premium tablet experience at a value price point.

With some patience and flexibility, you can easily shave $100 or more off the price of a new iPad. A little savvy shopping can help you get the most bang for your buck on Apple’s popular tablets.